Rice Burger by Gwiyomi Food

Carbo overload just can't get any better than Rice Burger by Gwiyomi Food.

Located at Elizabeth Mall (Cebu), Rice Burger is known for and gives you the delight of eating Korean food sandwiched between seaweed-mixed rice shaped in a medium size circle or basically a bun. Their menu ranges from Pork Spicy, Beef Teriyaki (my fave), Beef Spicy, Bulgogi and more! They're still in the middle of adding more, so, we'll definitely watch out for those.

If you're not a fan of seaweed, then you're probably missing out on a lot because of how the rice and the seaweed blend so well together that it creates a delicious salty taste without overdoing it.

My favorite, Beef Teriyaki.

I wonder what this 'hunch' means.

Living up a little to the Korean vibe, they kept it simple by adorning their shop with cute decorations and decals plastered on the wall. Look how unique those chairs and tables are! You don't normally see them in the Philippines, do you?

Remember when I said carbo overload? This stands true as any of the rice burgers just go perfect when you eat it with spicy ramen wherein you can choose either mild or hot. I kid you not - it is heaven for carb-lovers. And, the prices for these yummy devils are too affordable to pass.

I only paid Php105 for these, by the way.

So, if you want to feed your appetite, a carb go-getter, Korean food enthusiast and are on a budget, Rice Burger by Gwiyomi Food will be ideal for you and your pals.

You can visit their Facebook page to keep yourself updated to their latest masterpieces in the kitchen.

The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

It was a boring Thursday afternoon for me that even a caramel frappuccino can't fix it. So, I decided to scour the internet for good movies to watch.

Enter Big Eyes - a 2014 biographical film which stars Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz who play as famous painter Margaret Keane and art plagiarist Walter Keane, respectively. The movie is directed by Tim Burton, a Keane collector.


The story circles around the life of Margaret Keane who was being manipulated by Walter Keane to produce her paintings while he takes credit for her artwork, hiding her in a room so that no one else will discover that she is the hands and brush behind the phenomenal paintings of the signature over-sized doe-like eyes of her subjects.

Both painters, they met at a local park in San Francisco while displaying their works. Flirtations and discussions of art were exchanged and after a few dates, it led to marriage which made Margaret start signing her paintings  'Keane'. This opened a window of opportunity for Walter to sell the idea of her paintings as his own.


Years of hiding the real creator of those artwork has taken its toll on Margaret. She left Walter and moved to Hawaii to start a new life with her daughter from her first husband. In Hawaii, she found solace and the courage to tell the world that she is indeed the painter. She sued Walter in federal court for slander and won when the judge asked them to create a painting of the big-eyed child as Walter gave an immediate excuse of a sore shoulder.

GETTY IMAGES / UPROXX | Margaret and Walter Keane in 1965

Amy Adams did a wonderful job in portraying as Margaret Keane. She was phenomenal and embodied Margaret's struggle as she lived under her husband's shadow. This also goes to Christopher Waltz who showcases how Walter Keane turned from the charismatic man that he initially displays to a lunatic who will not admit defeat until his last breath. By the way, he died penniless but before that, he still insisted he made those paintings.

MOVIESTILLSDB | Margaret Keane (L) and Amy Adams (R)

Big Eyes is a fresh look from the usual Tim Burton movies in the past as you would notice that they have creative dark hues to mark a classic Tim Burton. However, the movie still hints a sense of weirdness (you need to see the trailer at least to know what I mean).

All in all, the movie was enjoyable and it has some light funny scenes that were wittingly written. As for memorable lines, not much, but it all falls down to how each characters were interpreted by Adams and Waltz to which they did such a great job. You'll share the grief and turmoil of Margaret Keane's life and the desperation of Walter Keane as he struggles to make himself relevant due to his frustration to be considered as an artist where he fails miserably at.

I'm giving it a 9/10 rating.


Hey, guys! I'm back after a very, very long hiatus, I might add. It has been well over a year since I've written anything on this blog. Hopefully that by starting this first post for 2015, I'll regularly place content here - maybe get on some DIY work again and probably travel this year. Who knows? Here's to keeping my fingers crossed and typing for the months and years to come.

Why I Stopped Being There For Everybody

Because I didn't have any other photo for this post.
I wasn't always the cold person that people close to me see me as for quite some time already, you know.

Nowadays, I am labeled as "selfish", "stubborn", and "a liar." When you combine these negative feedback and use them as a unified description about someone, the latter will definitely win the prize of getting called names that aren't very pleasing.

How To Shop Online and Avoid Getting Scammed

Image from Tumblr
Like most females out there, I love to go shopping. In my opinion, nothing beats walking around the mall, looking at window displays, trying on pieces of clothing and finding out where the latest sale is. Sometimes, we end up buying stuff we don't actually need. Aren't we all guilty of that? But, we have to admit that it is kind of therapeutic; at least, for women who love and live to shop.

While a big number of consumer goods can instantly be touched and seen, another hefty amount are also available on the internet through online shops or e-biz (electronic business) websites. As people have been more used to and evolved with the digital age, online shops also became a holy grail in the name of shopping (I made that one up. LOL).

Unfortunately, not everybody has yet mastered the art of "online shopping". People end up getting scammed and their credit card/identities stolen - all because of the lack of information. Hopefully, with this post, I can somehow keep you out of harm's way based on my experience as an avid online shopper -  because, trust me, online shopping can get quite addictive.

Turn Your Phone's Low Quality Picture to DSLR Quality!

I love taking photos - who else doesn't? Be it a selfie or your pet cat doing something silly, we want to capture those moments quickly at just the touch of the camera button on our smartphones. Unfortunately, not all smartphones are the same when it comes to the quality of the picture. Even if it's the latest iPhone or Android phone, like it or not, we have to admit that it doesn't always create the same image that we pictured from our own eyes.

Frustrating, isn't it? Furthermore, how about downloading the "best" photo editing app and you end up getting shiz and it's not what you're aiming for? Oh, however will we have the courage to upload it on Instagram? #firstworldproblems (JK)

Enter VSCO - probably the greatest photo editing app ever, in my opinion. Inspired by the name of the company, Visual Supply Co, the app delivers more than the usual photo editor. VSCO comes with a set of pre-installed filters (that you can't find in other editors) to get you started. You can either choose those filters to suit your needs OR manually edit your photo to add a more distinct look to it. What's more is you can also buy new filters or get it for free.

Below I have laid out pictures as examples taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3.

While the pictures before being manipulated look good, I still want to give it a little umph. Sometimes, I am so hard to please. :p

Another plus for me is that the brains behind VSCO are really accommodating. They'd be that popular guy who's nice to everybody. The team replies to your questions and even thank you for downloading or being a part of the VSCO community.

So, there you have it, guys! I hope you'll download VSCO and enjoy it as much as I do.

* This is not a sponsored post. I am in-love with this app. Period.

Help Stop Human Trafficking Now!

Image from Ideas War

I don't have a child or daughter yet but I'm pretty sure any mother who'll have or has one would want nothing but the best for her. Our motherly instincts in us vow that we will protect them from any possible danger and cultivate them into the best that they can be.

However, no matter how hard we try to prevent bad things from happening to our children, there exists people who want otherwise; to feed their greed at the expense of your life. Kidnappers, hostage takers, murderers and one of the worsts, at the hands of people who do business like child or human trafficking.

Because of that, many organizations like LOVE146 (whose name was inspired by that one girl whose number was 146) are doing what they can to slowly get rid of human traffickers. It all started when a couple of their co-founders were taken undercover and taken to a brothel, they saw children who were sold for sex. Among those was a girl who was looking at them with a piercing gaze, as if she was ready to fight of what was left of her. According to co-founder, Rob Morris, he wanted to break the glass, the only barrier between them, and rescue them right then and there. Unfortunately, as they were still a part of an ongoing undercover investigation in that brothel, they couldn't immediately respond. Although the brothel was raided later on and was able to save the children, the girl who wore the #146 was no longer there. They don't know what happened to her, but they will never forget her. 

Their market value is plummeting. One survivor, who is now under the care of LOVE146, was sold by a trafficker for $72. And most of these brothels and traffickers are now doing business underground.

If you have witnessed or suspect trafficking, do not hesitate to call the National Trafficking Hotline at 1.888.3737.888 or visit the website of LOVE146 for more information on how to report. 

Help spread the word about #146 and save thousands of other victims. You can also form a Love 146 Task Force to aid in abolishing trafficking faster.

How Will John Travolta Say Your Name?

I know that it isn't nice to make fun of somebody who made a mistake... especially if he/she has been embarrassed in front of thousands of people that night. Pretty sure I don't have to add up to that.

But let's face it. John Travolta's much talked about Oscar flop is still very much a hot topic and will forever be one for the Oscars history books. He's probably overwhelmed by Idina Menzel (popularly known as Adele Dazeem as of 2014) and her presence that he messed up her name while introducing her.

Who wouldn't? She's only THE original Elphaba from the musical Wicked and Lea Michele's on-cam mom.

And she also did a great job as a supporting actress in musical fantasy movie Enchanted where she played as Patrick Dempsey's fiancée.

With that aside, do you want to know how John Travolta would say your name if ever he'd introduce you at the Oscars? Give The Adele Dazeem Name Generator a whirl to "Travoltify" your name.

Mine is way, way cooler than my own name. I could adapt to it, no questions asked.

Hi, my name is...

Charlie Mceezald