Alone In Singapore Parte Uno

"Why are you so indignant in traveling by yourself to a different country?"

That was my mom when I told her I prefer traveling alone rather than tagging someone along on this trip. The thought of her only daughter roaming a foreign country ALONE scares the bejeezus out of her, according to her. (Awww...)

Long story short, I won. Imagine being able to check off your bucket list! And mine includes traveling to a different country... alone.
deadma lang ako.

Come May 17, I was anxiously (nervously) waiting in line for my turn at immigration. Gosh, Philippine immigration and the horrifying stories (right)? True enough, my nervousness got me sent to the office for an interview because I was stupid enough to say it's my first time to travel (Went to HK in college).

Unfortunately, the immigration officer I was assigned to was mataray. Unfortunately for her, deadma lang ako. Since I brought all the necessary documents and answered direct-to-the-point, I passed through (phew!) and couldn't wait to get on my flight!

I'm Back! Kinda.

It was like a hamster that died because you forgot to feed it.
First off...

Gahhhddd!!! It has been FOREVER; a year and 5 months forever, to be honest.

I don't know how and where to start but all I know is that my mind is rambling for words to reflect on my blog post today.

A lot's been going on for the span of months that this blog hasn't touched the internet stratosphere.

  • Transferred to another company.
  • Assigned to several accounts (by recommendation, just so you know :p haha)
  • Finally had an anniversary with the new company
  • Never, not once, attended a company party
  • Made it quite alive in one piece.

Though the list is minuscule, on a day-to-day basis - it's crazy! But who hasn't? I mean, work gets to you sometimes and you just want to take a week off and run away from the city and come back still wanting to extend that much-needed vacation.

Right? Right?

But, anyway! Let's get down to business as to the reason why I'm back. Sorta.

Rice Burger by Gwiyomi Food

Carbo overload just can't get any better than Rice Burger by Gwiyomi Food.

Located at Elizabeth Mall (Cebu), Rice Burger is known for and gives you the delight of eating Korean food sandwiched between seaweed-mixed rice shaped in a medium size circle or basically a bun. Their menu ranges from Pork Spicy, Beef Teriyaki (my fave), Beef Spicy, Bulgogi and more! They're still in the middle of adding more, so, we'll definitely watch out for those.

If you're not a fan of seaweed, then you're probably missing out on a lot because of how the rice and the seaweed blend so well together that it creates a delicious salty taste without overdoing it.

The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

It was a boring Thursday afternoon for me that even a caramel frappuccino can't fix it. So, I decided to scour the internet for good movies to watch.

Enter Big Eyes - a 2014 biographical film which stars Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz who play as famous painter Margaret Keane and art plagiarist Walter Keane, respectively. The movie is directed by Tim Burton, a Keane collector.


The story circles around the life of Margaret Keane who was being manipulated by Walter Keane to produce her paintings while he takes credit for her artwork, hiding her in a room so that no one else will discover that she is the hands and brush behind the phenomenal paintings of the signature over-sized doe-like eyes of her subjects.

Both painters, they met at a local park in San Francisco while displaying their works. Flirtations and discussions of art were exchanged and after a few dates, it led to marriage which made Margaret start signing her paintings  'Keane'. This opened a window of opportunity for Walter to sell the idea of her paintings as his own.

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Alone In Singapore Parte Uno

"Why are you so indignant in traveling by yourself to a different country?" That was my mom when I told her I prefer traveling...

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